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We Gotta Wake Up
The Calling - Russell Oliver Stone

‘We Gotta Wake Up’ is a powerful new love song by legendary singer songwriter Russell Oliver Stone , taken from his new album, 'The Calling’ which features some of the best known musicians from the UK such as Paul Spong, Steve Sidwell, Neil Sidwell, Terry Johnston, Dave Arch, Jeff Leach, John Parricelli, Yolanda Charles, Laurie Lowe, Martin Williams, Andy Wood and more..


Legendary singer, songwriter, Russell Oliver Stone combines his soulful voice with piercing lyrics that lay bare the failures of our politicians, captains of industry, billionaires, autocrats and dictators to address the catastrophic social issues humanity is facing. Combining Jazz and R&B with his unique voice, ‘We Gotta Wake Up’, Stone’s new song, is a call to arms to humanity.


The percussive urgency of the song, emphasised by the horns, and the hypnotic descending bassline in the hook all add to the dynamism of the lyrics. The sentiments of the spoken word of Amen Noir and Poetikah lift it to a different plane.


Russell rose to fame in 1976 with his global hit ‘We Do It’ by R&J Stone, but suffered a tragic loss after the global success of ‘We Do It’, when his wife and singing partner Joanna, died soon after the song became a hit. The crisis saw Russell retreat from the music scene and spend years struggling with alcoholism. This led Russell to become a transpersonal psychotherapist, but he never gave up on writing and singing. Russell, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, is on a mission to inspire and nurture others, just as he was inspired and nurtured in so many different ways throughout his life when faced with tragedy.


Russell says: “I have often felt hopeless in the face of all the many crises humanity is facing, and I want to use everything I have learnt as an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Nada (sound) Yoga teacher to give hope to others. We must all focus on what can be done, and this song, written in collaboration with two wonderful poets, Amen Noir and Poetikah, is a call to do exactly that. We must all wake up. Solutions are within each of us, and we all have a role to play if we use our hearts.”



From the opening track, Wake Up, through to the last track, Let It Burn, this extraordinary mix of musical compositions, profound lyrics, and vocals sung and spoken, all delivered by Russel Oliver Stone and his amazing ensemble will rouse you, soothe you, entertain you and invite you into the depths of wisdom and love. And then propel you into life to act on all the wisdom and love you embody!  Stone’s lush vocals and sublime jazz arrangements carry the eternal wisdom of the soul into the present moment, into the listener’s heart and consciousness. Chantelle Dusette’s lyrics and vocals add the living, healing presence of the Divine Feminine which Stone’s creations invoke.  Stone draws from Escalus, Rumi, Riane Eisler, Joni Mitchell, science fiction, and more to convey the deep knowledge and fierce, liberating Love so very needed at this critical time in history.  Imbibe this musical feast and you will be delightfully entertained while receiving its enlightening gifts!


Lawrence Edwards PhD BCN Senior Fellow, LMHC


Russell continues: “As an elder, I am continually inspired by the millions of young people who show how much they care in the face of indifference and hostility as they take action to try and raise public awareness. I say to them, come, come join me, let's dance together, as one. Together we can embrace the power and purpose of love.”



Notes to Editors:


Russell Oliver Stone – Biography


Russell is a professional studio singer and writer for 40+ years working in all areas of the music business such as TV, radio, touring and cabaret. He achieved great success with the act ‘R & J Stone’ with the self-penned world-wide hit ‘We Do It’ in 1976. Russell accompanied a wide variety of artists including Marvin Gaye, Adam Ant, Tony Bennett, Twisted Sister, Cliff Richard and Right Said Fred.


He has been on a conscious spiritual journey since attending a clinic for alcoholism in 1992, has been sober for 30+ years and continues to study the great wisdom traditions of the East – Yoga, Buddhism and Sufism – as well as the Western tradition of Transpersonal Psychology.


He qualified as an Integrative Counsellor in 1998, as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist (MA-CCPE) in 2004 and taught counselling at Diploma level from 2000 – 2005. He has been facilitating groups since 2000. During this time Yoga became his spiritual path as well Yoga philosophy/psychology becoming his transpersonal model.


  • ‘We Do It’ was released in 1976, and sold over 300,000 copies resulting in a silver disc, and was a hit in Canada, Australia (number 1), New Zealand and Brazil.


  • Russell is available for interview. Please contact us via website or email on

We Gotta Wake Up (feat. Amen Noir, Poetikah) (Radio Edit)Russell Oliver Stone
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